In Vivo Microscopy Symposium, Helsinki, May 27-29, 2013

IVM Symposium is the world’s only event dedicated solely to in vivo two-photon (multiphoton) imaging, a revolutionary technique that combines high resolution with high relevance that comes from imaging inside the living organisms.

In vivo microscopy allows studying cellular and subcellular mechanisms inside a living animal’s brain or skin. In addition to CNS, it has been successfully applied to oncology, immunology, ophthalmology and drug delivery.  In dermatology and cosmetic product development, it has been successfully applied to imaging human skin.  

Two-photon imaging yields information-rich and visually striking results, dramatically reduces data variability and enables new unprecedented insight into the brain and skin pathophysiology and aging.  Despite these benefits, the potential of in vivomicroscopy has not yet been fully realized in the commercial drug development and cosmetic product development. This Symposium aids the translation of this technology into the practice of industrial and academic research. 

This year’s program combined lectures, practical training and a small exhibition. It covers topics ranging from physical principles and practical tips, to data analysis and translational research.

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