Lecture "Mechanisms and therapies of neonatal and pediatric seizures" in Moscow

Welcome to the lecture of Prof. Kai Kaila  (University of Helsinki) "Mechanisms and therapies of neonatal and pediatric seizures" in Lomonosov Moscow State University

The  seminar  will be held on Tuesday 20.12.2011 from 10 to 12.00 in conference hall of Orangery building of MSU

Lector: Kai Kaila, Ph.D., Professor,  Department of Biosciences, University of Helsinki, Finland

The mechanisms that cause seizures in human newborns and infants have been unknown until recently. Prof. Kai Kaila's team has shown that two epileptiform syndromes, birth asphyxia seizures and febrile seizures are triggered by an increase in brain pH. This information has made it possible to design novel strategies for seizure suppression based on suppressing the pathophysiological brain pH changes. It is widely known that current antieplieptic drugs such as pentobarbital are largely ineffective in neonates and infants. The novel evidence-based therapeutic strategies described by Kai Kaila in his talk are effective and easy to implement in the clinic with very low expenses.

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