BioN Laboratories

Centre for Innovations in Biotechnology of Neurosciences. 

BioN is involved in the development of a Net Centre for Innovations in Biotechnology of Neurosciences.

The Centre's objectives are to:

 teach Russian students and specialists new methods in biotechnology, neuroscience, information technology and biomedicine;

  • consult students developing innovation projects;
  • consolidate and disseminate information on funding opportunities;
  • create regular seminars on biotechnology in neuroscience;
  • carry out expert evaluation of the innovation projects;
  • cooperate with the science-oriented enterprises and companies.

 BioN Centre for Innovations in Neurotechnologies is a network of existing laboratories of BioN members:

 Apart joint internet portal research teams of BioN laboratories including students share common resources and facilities, participate in regular seminars and schools in the field of neurotechnology.

Neurobiotechnology or biotechnology in neurosciences is modern interdisciplinary approach based on revolutionary breakthroughs in neurobiology helping to understand the principles of informational processing in nervous system.   Neurotehcnologies are alike “biologized” informational technologies allowing to create systems of the new level with elements of self-organization, learning, and compatible with the human nervous tissue. A variety of modern neurotechnologies is unusually wide.

Areas of biotechnologies in neuroscience:

Studies of the brain cognitive process:

Laboratory of memory neurophysiology, Anokhin’ Reseach Institute of normal physiology RAMS

Neurocomputers - Information processing devices based on the principles of neural networks which have already changed the computers operation systems, for example, allowing them to self-learn and optimize its own activities.

Department of neurodynamics and neurobiology of UNN      

Brain implants (microchips implanted in the nervous system) dramatically improves the heath state of patients with various disorders of the nervous system, replacing the work of not only motor but also sensory systems, through the creation of auditory and visual prostheses. 

Brain-Computer Interfaces allow connecting human activity directly with the computer working system opening new possibilities both in operators’ activity and for the adaptation of paralyzed patients receiving the opportunity to a full existence.

Laboratory of neurophysiology and neurocomputer interfaces (Lomonosov’ MSU)

Neuogenetics - Innovational developments in the field of molecular biology, bioinformatics and neurogenetics stimulated emerging of the new approaches to treatment of neurological disorders. 

Nano-technological methods in neurobiology are actively implementing in the practical medicine, for example, for a development of the extra fine access to organic tissues with help of miniaturized controlling devices. Such systems together with increasing applications of the carbone-silicone interfaces revolutionize the usage of the pharmacological drugs. 

Neuroeconomics and neuromarketing

Recently economics, psychology and neurobiology join into interdisciplinary field – Neuroeconomics aiming at creating a unified theory of human decision-making.  Neuroeconomics allows to representatives of different disciplines (neurobiologists, economists, psychologists and managers) to receive more deep knowledge about fundamental mechanisms of decision making. 

Neuroimaging technologies and computational aspects of neuroscience, Speech neurotechnologies, Neuropharmacology and many other areas of neurotechnology form the front of modern technological progress.

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