Cortico-muscular coherence: neurophysiological basis and methods of treatment

Vadim Nikulin
Host Institution: 

Welcome to the joint seminar of Bion and Vasney on 17.04.2013 at 17:30 Auditorium 90, St. Petersburg State University, Main Building 

Cortico-muscular coherence: neurophysiological basis and estimation methods

Nikulin VV, Charit? Medical University, Berlin

Corticomuscular coherence (CMC) is a neurophysiological phenomenon showing a phase synchronization between neuronal cortical and electromyographic oscillations thus allowing studying functional relationship between cortical activity and spinal alpha motor neurons. A unique feature of CMC is that it can be studied non-invasively with multichannel EEG and surface EMG. I will present neurophysiological basis and clinical relevance of CMC. In addition, main algorithmic approaches to studying CMC will be described. Using previously obtained results and programming environment Matlab, basic steps for the investigation of CMC will be presented.

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