How to apply

In order to participate in the BioN activities you should register in the BioN program and become a graduate student Bion. This procedure requires to:    1. be a graduate student at one of Russian universities (institutions) -partners of Bion:
 St. Petersburg State University, Moscow State University, University of Nizhny Novgorod, Southern Federal University, Joffe’ Physical-Technical University (RAS), Physico-Technical Centre for Research and Education
   2. contact the local coordinates of BioN at your university (see the list of coordinators)
   3. create your own personal page of graduate student of BioN (see instructions)
   4. participate in the activity of BioN (see Study Plan)
BioN postgraduate gets an international certificate after passing through each activity of BioN. Our postgraduate has the opportunity to obtain the BioN certificate if a set of 15 ECTS will be provided in the following activities:
    * Lectures and Seminars of BioN (6 ECTS)
    * International Schools and Conferences on neurobiology, such as BioN schools (3 ECTS)
    * Getting a positive review of Ph.D. thesis from the BioN expert (6 ECTS). The expert will be appointed by BioN coordinator in Russia

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