Neuromarketing: Pro & Contra

Vasily Klucharev (Erasmus Rotterdam University)
Host Institution: 
Saint-Petersburg State University

17.30 aud 38 Bio Faculty SPU

Neuromarketing: Pro & Contra

BioN lecture of Dr. Vasily Klucharev (Erasmus University Rotterdam, University of Basel) "Neuromarketing: Pro & Contra "

29 December 2010, 17:30

The lecture will be held at the Department of HNA and Psychophysiology, auditorium 38,

main building of St. Petersburg State University (Universitetsakya emb. 7-9)


Lecture discusses perspectives of neuromarketing – a new applied area neuroscience that investigates effects of marketing communication. Recent neuroimaging studies investigated the effects of advertising, neural processing of prices, decisions to buy goods, etc.