Introduction to Brain-Computer Interfacing Using BCI2000

Introduction to Brain-Computer Interfacing Using BCI2000
Gerwin Schalk, Jurgen Mellinger
This practical guide to successful Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) experiments, uses the general-purpose software platform BCI2000. It provides comprehensive introductory and intermediate concepts of all relevant aspects pertaining to common BCI experiments. Opening with a general introduction to the principles of BCI operation, brain signal acquisition using different types of sensors, BCI signal processing (including common feature extraction and feature translation methods), and device output, this general introduction to BCI research is followed by an introduction to the BCI2000 software platform, including a step-by step tour and step-by-step tutorials for using BCI2000 with sensorimotor rhythms and P300 evoked potentials. Advanced concepts are discussed and a programming reference and exercises included. There is a section for frequently asked questions and technical references.