Seminar “Neurotechnology/Нейротехнологии”

Monthly seminars are held at partner BioN universities. Lectures on the latest neuroscience updates are read by the world outstanding scientists.

Date Title Speaker Host Institution
02.11.2016 Active and passive methods of the brain mapping 2016 HSE HSE
21.05.2015 Joint seminar HSE-SPbU-BioN: from neuron to cognition R.Gainetdinov SPbU
04.12.2014 Cognitive Control, Communication and Perception: Psychological and Neurobiological Aspects Andriy Myachykov HSE
01.11.2014 Active and passive methods of the brain mapping - HSE
01.09.2014 Летняя нейролингвистическая школа Ольга Драгой НИУ ВШЭ
25.06.2014 Стресс: история, психофизиология, заболевания Лысков Е.Б. HSE
28.05.2014 Современные методы анализа интегрированных сигналов мозга - ИВНД и НФ РАН
28.04.2014 Brain-machine interfaces & Text-speak processing and mental workload Dr. Mikhail Lebedev, Dr. James Head HSE
24.04.2014 Language, Attention and Representations in Mind and Brain Dr Yury Shtyrov, Dr. Andriy Myachykov, Dr Alina Leminen HSE
05.12.2013 New model for motivation behaviour Boris Gutkin (ENS) HSE
04.12.2013 Neural systems for reading in the sighted and in the blind. Др. Швед Марчин Филип ВШЭ
15.11.2013 Quantitative modeling of early language acquisition проф. Эммануэль Дюпу (Paris, Ecole Normale Sup?rieure) ВШЭ
21.10.2013 Signal Processing in EEGLab toolbox for MatLab Sergey Tugin, Aalto University SPbSU
25.06.2013 Interlocked oscillators in the model of the dopaminergic neuron Dr. Alexey Kuznetsov UNN
24.06.2013 Psychological trauma, stress, and decision-making Dr Olga.Bogolyubova, SPbSU SPbSU
29.04.2013 Navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation: From Basic research to clinical applications and back Pantelis Lioumis, PhD SPbSU
25.04.2013 TPH2 controls brain serotonin synthesis: from enzyme discovery to translational studies Dr. Raul Gainetdinov SPbSU
17.04.2013 Cortico-muscular coherence: neurophysiological basis and methods of treatment Vadim Nikulin SPbSU
05.04.2013 An fMRI study of speech perception in post-stroke patients Olga Martynova SPbSU
04.03.2013 Decoding mental states from magnetoencephalographic signals Andrey Zhdanov SPbSU

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