Seminar “Neurotechnology/Нейротехнологии”

Monthly seminar held at BioN partner universities. Lectures on the latest neuroscience trends is read by outstanding researchers worldwide.

Date Title Speaker Host Institution
23.09.2010 Coherent curriculum for 3-cycle education: Bachelor/Master/PhD BioN Partners Lomonosov MSU
21.10.2010 Genetic models of dopamine dysfunction Raul Gainetdinov (Italian Institute of Technology) Lomonosov' Moscow State University
01.12.2010 Current achievements and problems in the study of the brain extracellular matrix Alexander Dityatev (IIT) Nizhnij Novgorod University
17.12.2010 Use of modern methods in analysing MEG and EEG data in cognitive neurobiological studies of language and speech Yury Shtyrov (MRC-CBU) Saint-Petersburg State University
29.12.2010 Neuromarketing: Pro & Contra Vasily Klucharev (Erasmus Rotterdam University) Saint-Petersburg State University
17.03.2011 Career in Neuroscience Yury Shtyrov, (MRC-CBU, Cambridge, UK) и Vasily Klucharev (Erasmus Rotterdam University). SPbSU
16.05.2011 Non-linear dynamics of spike generation in neurons and its implications for neural activity Dr. Boris Gutkin, Ecole Normale Superieure - Paris Saint-Petersburg State University
19.05.2011 The brain on-line: reality and fantasy Alexander Kaplan (MSU) UNN
24.05.2011 Cognitive space and brain rhythms Georgy Ivanitsky (IHNA) SPU
23.06.2011 Imaging surround modulation in human visual cortex Simo Vanni (Aalto University) Lomonosov' Moscow State University
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