Seminar “Neurotechnology/Нейротехнологии”

Monthly seminar held at BioN partner universities. Lectures on the latest neuroscience trends is read by outstanding researchers worldwide.

Date Title Speaker Host Institution
15.08.2011 ERP and eye-tracking studies of language, attention and social development in low and high-risk infants: Audiovisual speech processing in the first year of life Elena Kushnerenko SPbU
05.09.2011 School "Neurobiology and new approaches to artificial intelligence and brain" Evgeny Aydarkin SFU
06.09.2011 Modern Teaching Methodology Evgeny Aydarkin SFU
07.09.2011 Neuroeconomics A. Shestakova, V. Klucharev, O. Klepikov, M. Chernova SFU
06.10.2011 Origin of cortical slow waves Igor Timofeev Lomonosov' Moscow State University
09.12.2011 Source space connectivity analysis based on MEG data Dr. Matias Palva SPbU
16.12.2011 Modern PhD thesis in neurobiotechnology Alexandrov A., Klucharev V., Shestakova A., Shtyrov Yu., Stroganova T. SPbSU
20.12.2011 Mechanisms and therapies of neonatal and pediatric seizures Prof. Kai Kaila Lomonosov MSU
20.12.2011 Federal government requirements for the programs of post-graduate education Mosicheva I.A., Karavaeva E.V. Lomonosov MSU
21.12.2011 "Mechanisms and therapies of neonatal and pediatric seizures" and "How does inhibition work in the brain?" Prof. Kai Kaila University of Saint-Petersburg