Seminar “Neurotechnology/Нейротехнологии”

Monthly seminar held at BioN partner universities. Lectures on the latest neuroscience trends is read by outstanding researchers worldwide.

Date Title Speaker Host Institution
12.01.2012 Evoked potential in response to speech stimuli as an indicator of predisposition to autism Dr. Olga Sysoeva IHNA
07.02.2012 Astrocyte regulation of short-term synaptic plasticity Maurizio De Pitt?, School of Physics and Astronomy, Tel Aviv University. ННГУ им Лобачевского/ UNN
24.02.2012 Electrophysiological correlates of mental activity of man in the blind game of chess with the computer program. Wavelet analysis. Suvorov N.B., Bojokin S.V. Saint-Petersburg State University
19.03.2012 How to make a career in neuroscience (Russian and foreign experience)/BioN presentation Pavel Balaban, Yury Shtyrov Lectrorium of Polytechnical Musem, Moscow
09.04.2012 In vivo microscopy applications Leonard Khirug SPbU, Dep of Higher Nervous Activity and Psychophysiology, Saint Petersburg State University, Auditorium 38
09.04.2012 EEG study of speech Irina Simanova Lomonosov MSU
20.04.2012 Modern Signal processing methods for MEG data analysis Samu Taulu (HU) SPbSU
24.04.2012 1. How does the brain produce an inner world of experiences? 2. Imaging genetics of episodic memory Lars Nyberg, Johan Eriksson IHNA
22.05.2012 Psychophysiological mechanisms of decision-making at the task of visual search in human. Psychophysiology of reading Latanov A.V., Dr.Sci., professor of biological faculty of MSU SFU
23.05.2012 Neurological signatures V. Klucharev, A. Shestakova, S. Vanni MSUPE