First International In Vivo Microscopy Symposium. Helsinki, May 23-25

The advent of In Vivo Microscopy has revolutionized Life Sciences by allowing, for the first time, high resolution imaging of cellular and subcellular structures in the highly relevant context of a living organism. The IVM International Symposium brings together the top scientists who have shaped the field of in vivo microscopy and remain active in it. The speakers list includes Haruo Kasai (University of Tokyo), Ole-Petter Ottersen (University of Oslo), Frank Kirchhoff (University of Saarland), Anja Majewska (University of Rochester), Olga Garaschuk (University of Tuebingen) and Ken McCarthy (University of Chapel Hill).

The purpose of the IVM Symposium is to familiarize the students of Life Sciences and representatives of academic as well as industrial research institutions with the capabilities of in vivo microscopy in its applications to drug development and fundamental research. This year, emphasis is made on Neurosciences.

The Symposium will take place at Rantapuisto Conference Hotel in a peaceful sea-shore suburb of the Finnish capital Helsinki. Registered students shall have the opportunity to participate in a practical training workshop on May 25–26, 2012. 

Registration fees: EUR 120 (Student rate EUR 80).

Deadline for the REGISTRATION - April 2nd, 2012

For more information and registration, please visit the symposium website: